Daniel Lizalde

Dropping Diamonds is a business podcast hosted by Daniel Lizalde from San Diego, California. Daniel discusses the fundamentals of starting and running a successful business, mindset, and scaling from where you are to where you want to go. Daniel is using Dropping Diamonds as a live case study of himself as he embarks on his journey as an Entrepreneur and rises to the top for the second time.

Mental Toughness: EP 048

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde discusses Mental Toughness.  The perspectives required to dominate yourself and your business.  Lizalde explains  what he is doing to level up and how mind shifts have helped him launch and grow Dropping Diamonds.  Listen to the full episode to get his insight.  

Episode 046: Comfort Zone

In this episode, Daniel Lizalde discusses the importance of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and getting out of our own way.  Listen to this episode as Daniel tell stories and gives us examples of how he pushes himself out of his comfort zone and how it has help him grow as a person …

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Episode 045: Dustin Duenas

In this Episode, CEO of Fulfillment Hero, Dustin Duenas comes onto Dropping Diamonds and brings the Diamonds.  Listen to Duenas’s story as he moves through and up the ranks.  This episode is recorded in the lobby live in front of tons of random strangers.  Enjoy Familia!

Episode 044: Live and Raw IG Recording

In this weeks Episode, Lizalde pushes himself out of his comfort zone and records his podcast while simultaneously recording live on his Dropping Diamonds Instagram.  Listen to this episode to get the results.  Will Daniel fall on his face in front of his Instagram audience?  Listen and find out.

Episode 042: Money Moves

As Daniel continues to build his Dropping Diamonds brand, he also discusses what is needed to bring in revenue to continue to move forward and continue to excel as a brand and organization.  You don’t want to miss this episode as Lizalde keeps it real and raw Familia! Enjoy!!

Episode 039: Daniel Lizalde Case Study

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde Self Reflects on his journey and process are he is rising through the ranks and pushes through barriers. Lizalde is very transparent with the true process so you don’t want to miss the Diamonds Dropped.  Enjoy Familia!!!