Isaias Rojas: EP 89

As the country and the world face a Pandemic, many are left displaced with their daily rituals and routines. In this episode, Daniel Lizalde brings on CEO of IR Fit, Isaias Rojas, they discuss some fitness strategies and mindset that will help you to continue to progress and thrive no matter what obstacles you face. …

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Raising The Bar: EP 88

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde discusses the inner game he is playing to beast up and catapult himself to the next level of his journey. There are so many Diamonds Dropped so if your looking to level up and you feel stuck, you don’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy Familia!!!

Facing Your Fears: EP 85

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde talks about what he does to face his fears and overcome anything that comes his way when he is leveling up. Brace yourself for the truth because Daniel doesn’t hold back the punches. He will tell you like it is but will explain what he is doing to overcome. Enjoy …

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Grit and Resilience: Ep 84

In this Episode Daniel Lizalde touches on what it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur. Lizalde uses his personal stories and examples to demonstrate his ideologies. If you’re looking to level up and you want the proper information, you came to the right place. Enjoy Familia!

Case Study: EP 83

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde gives you an update of his personal journey as he builds his Empire. In addition, Lizalde gets personal with some childhood stories about him and his boy Omar. You definitely don’t want to miss this show as Daniel Drops Diamonds in terms of what he is experiencing with the business …

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Turning Point: EP 82

In this Episode, Founder of The Dropping Diamonds Business Podcast, Daniel Lizalde discusses and reflects his personal journey since launching the show. This is raw and real information entrepreneurs encounter but don’t reveal or discuss publicly. Lizalde isn’t trying to be your Guru. Daniel is just using his story as a transparent example so you …

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Ninos Shamo: EP 81

If you’re looking to get into the eCommerce world or simply increase profits, Daniel Lizalde interviews 17 Year old CEO Ninos Shamo. Ninos is absolutely crushing the eCommerce industry and is realizing 10k Plus days. Shamo Drops Mad Diamonds with some strategies and tactics that you can implement, so if you’re wanting to step up …

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Suzanne Doyle-Ingram: EP 80

If you’re looking to publish your next book, you definitely don’t want to miss this incredible episode. Daniel Lizalde brings on the CEO of Prominence Publishing and the Founder of The Expert Author Program, Suzanne Doyle-Ingram. Suzanne Drops so many Diamonds regarding the process of publishing, whats needed, and whats not, and strategies you can …

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