Vision: EP 59

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde drops Majors Diamonds about products, Mindset, and his Vision of the future. If you’re a CEO, Entrepreneur, Business Person or simple wanting to level yourself up, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode. This is a must hear Familia! Enjoy!

Designing Your Company For Growth: EP 57

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde discusses the importance of intentionally designing your company for future growth. Is your company positioned for growth or are you delusional? Listen to this episode if you want to scale your company into the future. Enjoy Familia!

Decoding Your Haters: EP 56

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde gives his perspectives on how he has rationalized haters. All of us deal with them on our rise to the top, so if you’re a high performer, you definitely need to hear what and how Lizalde breaks them down. Enjoy familia!

Overcoming A Breakup: EP 55

In this Episode, Daniel Lizalde discuses his perspectives on Divorce and Breakups. Daniel uses his own personal story to show you how to overcome. The tools and perspectives that helped Lizalde overcome recently being divorced for a little over a year and a half from being married for 13 years. These tools and perspectives are …

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