Nye Arzo: EP 71

In this interview with Nye Arzo, Daniel Lizalde and Arzo discuss Arzos backstory as he begins to position himself before launching his own brand and podcast. Arzo’s vision is taking his brand from a local status to a worldwide platform so he can have global reach and impact on a larger scale. Enjoy Familia!

The Build: EP 66

In this episode, Daniel Lizalde discusses the first phase of building a solid company. What to expect as you decide to commit to entrepreneurship and as you carve your mark in this world. You definitely don’t want to miss Lizalde’s insight on this topic because this is the phase that normally weeds out most people …

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Uncovering Awareness: EP 64

In this episode, Daniel Lizalde highlights what he is doing to discover new awareness within his life. Although these thoughts and perspectives seem simple, most overlook or bypass them and stay stuck. Listen to what Lizalde has to say. Enjoy Familia!