Episode 015: Being Intentional

As Daniel embarks on his journey, he is realizing what new skill sets are required to dominate his industry.  With that said, Lizalde is pivoting along the way as he continues to grow and is becoming more and more intentional with his actions.  Listen to this episode to get Daniel’s insight on this topic.

Episode 013: Facing Your Fear

No matter what happens in our lives, there will be good times and bad.  The biggest difference between what happens to us is how we choose to handle the situation that is being at times forced on us.  Listen to this episode to hear what Lizalde has to say about this matter.

Episode 012: Giovani Martinez

In this Episode, Daniel interviews Giovani Martinez as they go over the true journey of an Entrepreneur.  The ups and the downs that aren’t shared enough online.  Martinez’s story will inspire you and expose what it takes to breakthrough barriers and be relentless no matter what comes at you.  Listen to this episode to get …

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Episode 011: Becoming Valuable

In a world with distractions at every corner, it’s important to focus on what we are trying to accomplish.  In episode number eleven, Lizalde discusses what he is doing to double down and make himself valuable so he can push himself to the next level.  Listen to the full episode to get Daniel’s thoughts about …

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Episode 009: Building your Brand

In this Episode, Daniel explains the difference between selling a product or building a brand.  Listen to the full episode to get Lizalde’s thoughts about this subject.  This is the difference between selling a few items here and there or absolutely crushing your marketplace. Enjoy!

Episode 007: Being Intentional

In this episode, Daniel discusses the importance of being intentional with your plans.  Daniel highlights and explains the difference between being busy or getting things accomplished with intent.  Listen to the full episode to get Daniel’s thoughts about this subject that many people struggle with on a daily basis.