Ralph Dibugnara: EP 76

You definitely don’t want to miss this Episode as Daniel Lizalde interviews New York’s, Ralph Dibugnara, the President of Home Qualified. With 20 years in the Real Estate industry, Dibugnara has gone through the ups and downs of the business and has been featured on CBS, iHeart Radio, and Forbes. Listen in as Ralph discusses …

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Breaking Compulsive Patterns: EP 050

Join Daniel Lizalde in the episode as he explores the tools and perspectives necessary to change our bad habits. Our compulsive patterns that have shadowed many of us throughout our lives and have absolutely been a pain in our ass. Listen to Daniel’s insight as he battles to overcome his patterns and levels up his …

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*Free Bonus Track*Subconscious Meditation Reset: EP 38

Enjoy this Free Subconscious Meditation Reset on a daily basis compliments of Daniel Lizalde.  Find a nice quiet space where you can clear your mind and relax and allow the information to penetrate your subconscious as you start to become limitless with you thoughts and actions.  Enjoy familia! Music Credit by: Deuter- Koyasan: Reiki Sound …

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Noelle Malvin: EP 027

In this Episode, Founder of Infinite Wellness, Noelle Malvin Drops Mad Diamonds.  Malvin has been a Health and Wellness Counselor and Transformation Coach for the past 16 years.  Noelle has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling and Leadership.  Her training also extend into Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Yoga, …

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Ashley Drummonds: EP 020

In this Episode we have the pleasure of having a conversation with Ashley Drummonds.  Drummonds discusses what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur and goes over her experience on Shark Tank Season 7.  This episode is packed with a lot of diamonds so you don’t want to miss it.  Enjoy!

Fritz Colcol: EP 017

In this episode you will get to know Fritz Colcol.  Mr Colcol is a Serial Entrepreneur from Chicago.  Fritz is involved in the restaurant, clothing, and the fitness industry and has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine,  and Entrepreneur.  Listen to the full episode to hear the Diamonds that Fritz Drops.  It will …

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Giovani Martinez: EP 012

In this Episode, Daniel interviews Giovani Martinez as they go over the true journey of an Entrepreneur.  The ups and the downs that aren’t shared enough online.  Martinez’s story will inspire you and expose what it takes to breakthrough barriers and be relentless no matter what comes at you.  Listen to this episode to get …

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Becoming Valuable: EP 011

In a world with distractions at every corner, it’s important to focus on what we are trying to accomplish.  In episode number eleven, Lizalde discusses what he is doing to double down and make himself valuable so he can push himself to the next level.  Listen to the full episode to get Daniel’s thoughts about …

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